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There are thousands of websites being hacked everyday. Hackers (cyber-criminals) uses automated methods to hack outdated, vulnerable websites. Most hacks are automated, non-targeted, intentionally hidden (hidden to both website owner and web hosting).

Hacked Message in your website?
Blacklisted in Google Safe Browsing?

Most of the injected malware are

  • backdoor (for hacker’s remote control)
  • file manager (hacker can remotely manage your website files)
  • spamming (use your website IP and your domain to send spam or fraud email)
  • fraudulent website (capture login username/password, e.g. mailbox, bank)
  • suspicious site redirection (redirect to another site, a black-hat SEO technique)
  • distribute virus/Trojan
  • defacement (political reason)
  • botnet member (to attack other website/network)
  • etc, etc, etc…

The malware are not simply a single file, but probably a bunch of files spreading in different folders. Some used suspicious filename, like

  • xxx.ico (pretend image file, but being included in other file, e.g. wp-config.php)
  • 404.php (pretend page-not-found)
  • .djklshjdg.php (hidden file)
  • wp-files.php (pretend one of WordPress file)

It is easy to identity a single malware, but it is very difficult and tedious to identify all of them.

Hidden Malware files inside your FTP
This site may be hacked

Sometimes, malware infection may cause your website be blacklisted in Search Engine Result page (SERP).  It can drastically impact your website traffic.

The founder has been working on website hosting over 10 years.  We can

  • scan and identify your website for malware,
  • clean up, recover your malware infected WordPress website, and secure it
  • remove the blacklisted status
  • remote backup and security scanning your website for ongoing support

For ongoing support, we can keep your WordPress healthy –

  • Remote Backup your WordPress
  • Daily malware and vulnerability scan
  • Blacklisting monitoring

Free Website Malware Scanning

Automatic Malware Scanning via FTP. Inspect your website is infected or not.

Malware Removal

If your WordPress website is injected with malware, we can clean it up.

Backup and Security Scanning

With automatic backup and security scanning, peace of mind against hacking, malware infection, and human error.

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