Free Website Malware Scanning

Full, in-depth website scanner for virus, Trojan, spyware, and malware.

We provide a free automatic website malware scanning.
It can help identifiying whether your website is infected with malware or not.

For full website scanning, you need to provide FTP login information.
The FTP information will be sent via HTTPS encrypted connection.

Apart from web based scanning, FTP based scanning can discover hidden files, e.g. jdhgreh.php , wp-fileman.php, etc.
It can provide a more detailed information.

We will use your FTP information to

  • download files from your hosting account , and
  • scan for malware, malicious software, and

After scanning, system will email a report to you automatically.

Malware Sample - FileMan

The scanning may take around 15 – 30 minutes to complete.
It depends on the website size, FTP transfer speed, and process queue, etc.
(For example, 200MB WordPress website needs around 20 minutes to scan)

Then, you will receive a report email.

Free Malware Scanning Sample Report

Start your Website Malware Scanning through FTP

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  • This free automatic scanning service is provided on “AS IS AS AVAILABLE” basis.
  • 100% detection rate does not exist. We are not responsible for detecting or not detecting malicious code on your website or any other files. If you like to have a completed WordPress hack recovery, please check it at our Malware Removal Service
  • The FTP password information will be immediately deleted after malware scanning.
  • The downloaded files will be automatically deleted within 3 days after scanning.
  • We recommended you to change your FTP password after scanning (when you receive the email information)

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