How to remove - "This site may be hacked" or "This site may harm your computer" - in Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ?


  • If your WordPress is infected with malware’s, your domain may be flagged as dangerous in Google Safe Browsing.  When visitors go to your website, it will show a warning page before showing the website.
  • In order to remove the blacklisted status, you need to sign in Google Search console, and request a review to delist the blacklisted status


In Google search engine result page, it may show your domain with –

  • this site may be hacked” , or
  • this site may harm your computer
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Blacklisted in Google Safe Browsing
Example - this site may be hacked
Example - this site may harm your computer

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to

  • sign in Google Search console, and
  • authenticate you are website owner, and
  • submit a blacklisted removal request, and
  • remove your website blacklisted status, and finally remove
    This site may be hacked” or “This site may harm your computer” status


  1. Beforehand, you MUST ensure your website infection has been fixed
  2. Goto Google Search Console
  3. Sign in with your Google account (e.g. your gmail account)
  4. Authenticate you are (one of) the website responsible person
  5. Request a review
  6. If everything OK, the blacklisted status will be removed around 3 days later


For cleaning website, you may refer to DIY cleaning information, or ask for WordPress malware removal service

Login to Google Search Console
  • Add a property – Add your website URL (
Add your website

Verify website ownership

To ensure you are the website ownership, you need –

  1. download a file provided by Google, and
  2. upload that file (do not modify nor rename it) to your website FTP space, and
  3. Test the file is accessible (e.g.) , and
  4. In Google Search Console, proceed the verification
Verify website ownership

If you follow the instruction and upload the file to right space, you can proceed Google website ownership verification.

It shall show you “Successfully verified your ownership

Website Ownership Successfully Verified

In Google Search Console Dashboard, it shall show you the ownership of your website(s)


Verify website ownership

On left hand side, goto “Security Issues

Security Issues

In Google Search Console Dashboard, it shall show you the ownership of your website(s)


Verify website ownership

When you fixed the problem, you may Request Google Search Console a Review to revisit the website issue.

Request a Review

Provide the action you have done, and request a review.

It may take 3 calendar days to process.  From our experience, it can sometimes be completed in 24 hours (but not a must).

Provide your action, and Submit the Review Request

If everything fine, you shall receive Google notification email that your website is successfully reviewed.

Successfully removed blacklisted status

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