How do we clean up malware in hacked WordPress?

  1. We download your hacked WordPress files (website files and export database backup) to our patching server
  2. We retrieve your WordPress versions, list your plugins and themes installed
  3. We install a blank-new WordPress in separate server side-by-side, install the theme and plugins you have
    (note: it’d better to keep the same version with the existing one for later smooth update/upgrade)
  4. We export the data (database, files, e.g. gif, jpg, png) in your existing WordPress, and import it into the new WordPress.
  5. We run anti-virus scanners, malware scanner against the new website files and database
  6. We run update on WordPress core, themes, and plugins
  7. We reset the keys inside wp-config.php, admin password
  8. We upload the cleansed files (and database) back to your hosting server (and update wp-config.php).
  9. (If necessary) We, on behalf of you, request Google to remove the website back-listed status
  10. It’d better to change current hosting FTP password, database password for enhanced security


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